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Carren's Couch 11 -- Harrowing Hormones

One of the biggest silent disturbances to women is harrowing hormones! We’re either hot to trot or not and managing, understanding and embracing the changes that occur in bodies is something that most women never grasp, at least not fully until they are in the thick of the ‘change of life’!

Join us for this week’s compelling conversation between Carren and Dr. Uzzi Reiss, owner of the Beverley Hills Anti-Aging Centre for Men and Women. Discussing everything from The Pill to sex drives and belly fat, this is one of the most insightful interviews into the workings of the human body. As a specialist in natural health and bio-identical hormones, this interview could be the natural answer to night sweats, frustrations and fighting the over 40′s fatigue!

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