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Everyone knows plenty about what to expect when expecting, but what happens after the baby is born? Enter How to Make a New Mother Happy, an effective, natural approach to postpartum health. From magnesium to ease postpartum cramping to mineral water to aid in milk production, it’s all here in this easy-to-navigate book.


Dr. Uzzi Reiss and his daughter, Yfat M. Reiss, deliver hundreds of helpful tips on common issues such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and hormonal changes. Simply identify the problem and dip in to find the answer. Armed with this handy guide, it’s a breeze to help a new mother through her recovery — and keep her happy and healthy.

This book was written for the pregnant couple in order to prepare them for what is coming after the delivery. In my long career as an obstetrician I have always seen a lack of concentration and education on what comes after delivery. In my 25 years of obstetric practice I’ve learned that postpartum depression is short, completely reversible, and there is no need for use of drugs or medication.

What People are Saying

"Such an informative book! If you are female, young or old, this book is for you! The title is a bit misleading as it doesn't just cover estrogen. It covers progesterone along with other hormones as well. The Good News About Estrogen is comprehensive. It's educational and it's empowering. Five stars."


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