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Life just got easier for everyone expecting. Every chapter of this guidebook is brimming with advice and helpful tips to solve pregnancy's most common problems from ginger to easing morning sickness, a warm bath to reducing water retention, or a turkey sandwich to relieve insomnia. 

As well, the book possesses appendices which explain the stages of the baby's development, foods and activities to avoid during pregnancy, and a glossary of terms.

Plus, with good humor and wise counsel, Dr. Reiss provides pointers on how to be the best partner possible. With this handy guide, readers can help a pregnant women sail through her pregnancy and how to keep her very, very happy.

What People are Saying

"Such an informative book! If you are female, young or old, this book is for you! The title is a bit misleading as it doesn't just cover estrogen. It covers progesterone along with other hormones as well. The Good News About Estrogen is comprehensive. It's educational and it's empowering. Five stars."


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