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The latest information about estrogen, the body’s enlivening powerhouse hormone. explains:

  • Why is estrogen crucial and so misunderstood?

  • What is the best treatment for a hormonal imbalance?

  • How can I be my best, healthiest self now and in the future?

  • How does estrogen impact my reproductive cycle?

  • How do I know if my estrogen level is normal?

  • Is hormone replacement therapy right for me?
    Is it only useful at menopause?

  • Is hormone replacement therapy right for me?

Dr. Reiss draws upon the most up-to-date scientific research, as well as womens stories from his decades of practice, to explain:

  • How hormones and your levels of estrogen change over time, and what you can do to achieve balance naturally or with hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

  • The good news about estrogen and how it can enhance energy, sexuality, and memory alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or the side effects of menopause help fight weight gain, anxiety, depression, and more.

  • Bioidentical hormones and why they are safe and crucial to your well being at any age or stage, and how to choose which treatment plan is right for you.

  • How your everyday habits what you eat, drink, wear, and breathe can affect hormonal health, and which small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

  • Nutrition and exercise learn how each works hand-in-hand with hormones and can help you to achieve maximum physical and emotional fitness, promote bone health, prevent cardiovascular disease, and boost brain power.


This book, written by an expert in the field of OB-GYN and integrative medicine, offers an authoritative yet accessible approach to hormonal health.

Understanding estrogen its function and interplay with all your other hormones and body systems is key to a healthy, vibrant life. But far too many women remain unaware of the benefits of estrogen, and how it can be supplemented in natural, bioidentical form.

Dear Patient,

If you’ve sat down with me at the office, you know that I’m beholden to the women in my life: my patients, my wife, Yael, and also my daughter, Yfat (“ee-fot”), who works in the book industry.  Not long ago, Yfat observed that I had changed my advice about how to use the estrogen cream I recommend.

“That isn’t in your books,” she said, referring to Natural Hormone Balance for Women and its update The Natural Superwoman.

And she was right.  So much has changed in what I know about the power of estrogen to:

  • Achieve physical and emotional fitness, including staving off depression and anxiety

  • Maximize energy and enhance sexuality

  • Alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and the side effects of menopause

  • Fight weight gain and loss of muscle tone

  • Promote bone and breast health

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease

  • Improve and protect skin elasticity and texture, and

  • Boost brain power

Hearing this, she told me to get to work in committing to paper all that’s new in the constantly evolving field of hormonal health and in my own best practices for patient care, but this time with a special focus on the safe use of estrogen – the function and interplay with other hormones and body systems – key to a healthy and vibrant life.

In The Good News About Estrogen (St. Martin’s Press) I share my state-of-the-art knowledge on:

  • The newest best-practices on how to safely supplement estrogen and other hormones at any age

  • How everyday habits – what you eat, drink, wear and even breathe – can affect all hormonal health, and which small lifestyle changes can make a big difference

  • And, importantly, how (and what) nutrition and modest exercise work hand-in-hand with your hormones and can help you to enjoy all the benefits of game-changing ongoing wellness

The Good News About Estrogen is meant to serve as a resource manual for those of you who wish you could visit the office more often, or for friends and sisters who you wish would come with you, but cannot or will not.

I’m so grateful for the support you’ve given me and this emerging modality of women’s healthcare and excited to share all that I’ve learned in The Good News About Estrogen.


Uzzi Reiss

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