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As men and women age, the incidence of breast or prostate cancer increases. Dr. Uzzi Reiss, in his long, nutritonal, hormonal experience, supports successful treatment modality of both Breast and Prostate Cancer. Multiple nutrients and hormones have been shown to play a significant role in reducing and healing these conditions. Residents of Beverly Hills, California and the surrounding areas should call Dr. Uzzi Reiss' office, or schedule an online appointment online to seek prevention and treatment for these cancers.

Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Q & A

by Uzzi Reiss, MD

What role does hormonal therapy play in these cancers?

Dr. Reiss maintains that estrogen therapy does not boost your risk of breast cancer. If you need the therapy to treat symptoms of menopause, he’ll offer that regardless of your breast cancer diagnosis.

Testosterone treatment for men is valuable in improving energy levels, muscle mass, and mood. Dr. Reiss also supports testosterone therapy for men who have low levels, even if they have an increased risk of prostate cancer as the correlation between testosterone and prostate cancer is weak.

What treatments are used to treat breast and prostate cancer?

Dr. Reiss supports nutritional and hormonal therapies to reduce your risk of developing these conditions and help support their resolution if they should occur. These include the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and specific nutritional guidance and supplements to support good health and reduced inflammation, improving the outcome of these conditions.

He’ll help you reduce your intake of highly processed foods and refined carbohydrates, while increasing your intake of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Healthy fats play a big role in supporting good health and reducing inflammation, too.


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    "I am on bio identical hormones now and enjoying life again. I would recommended him to anyone searching for answers and help with menopause."

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